Revue de Joe Candido


I have a 1975 Pearson 35 (13,000 lbs empty). I’ve had the boat for many years and she’s in fantastic condition. We live and sail on Lake Champlain in Vermont. The lake is about 120 miles long which generates 4 - 6’ swells and 20kts + winds pretty often. We’ve always had problems with our 35lbs CQR anchor holding. Most nights are sleepless if the wind is above 15kts. Really I don’t sleep well if the wind is above 7 - 8kts because no matter how careful we are when setting the hook it seldom holds. About 2 years ago I decided to purchase your Ultra anchor (21KG model) in hopes it would improve the holding. I figured if nothing less the new anchor would weigh 15lbs more and maybe, just maybe that would help.

Well guess what? Your anchor holds every single time. It’s amazing - no matter how strong the wind or how weedy the lake bottom the anchor hooks up and won’t let go. We’ve set it about 50 times and we’ve never had to make a second try. As soon as we reverse the boat the rode gets taunt in about 10 feet of backwards movement. We bring the RPMs up to 2000 and hold it there for 2 minutes - no slipping, no dragging, no jumping. It’s like being on a mooring. My only complaint (which is not a real complaint) is that sometimes raising the anchor is difficult because of it’s grip on the lake’s bottom. Also, I should have trusted your sizing chart and purchased the 16KG model which would have saved me some money and made it easier to raise, but I just never thought your design would perform that much better than my CQR. Boy was I wrong.

I want you to know that I’ve never written a testimonial before but you’re anchor has compelled me to take the time to write this letter. Well done to your engineers and designers, it looks beautiful and works better than it looks. Although it’s a bit pricy, it’s worth every single penny!!!!


Joe Candido