Review from David Bock

This is our 2nd year using the Ultra Anchor/Swivel/Grab hook. I was 1st made aware of it where someone recommended the Turkish made Ultra Swivel which is a unique design that rights the anchor as it comes over the roller. We were fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to trial test an Ultra all summer cruising season last year and after anchoring out all season and not wanting to deal with the Med mooring in marinas I can tell you that it worked flawlessly for us all year. I have not had any experience with the Rocna but some independent comparative studies do show the Ultra to be superior in some categories. You definitely have to drive the boat right on top of it to dislodge it. It only comes in stainless steel and seems to be priced less than the Rocna in SS. The design is quite unique with it having hollow flukes filled with lead that weights the point to set quickly and drive it in deep. Many times swimming over it all that is exposed is the shank.

This summer we have had Bill and Kay O'Meara who own N5725 on with us since mid May and we have anchored out every night except a few nights where we dropped the anchor and backed to a pontoon or docking area. The anchor always sets immediately and even in grass we drop it and slowly let the wind/current pull us back and then very gently idle in reverse to get a firm set with mostly a 3 to 1 chain to depth ratio. Bill is so impressed that he is now in contact with dealer and negotiating to buy one upon his return to the US.

Anyone interested, I can forward the comparative studies.

David on Salty Dawg