Review from John Celick

The combination of the Ultra-Anchor, your nifty swivel and your chain hook are in danger of making us become over-confident in our anchoring skills.
We've been on the hook every night for the last six weeks in the Gulf of California. We've seen your demonstration that the anchor will reset itself but it has not had to prove that to us. We've been rock solid each and every time that we've gotten it wet.In fact, we let nature and the breeze actually "set" the anchor because the only time we powered down on it I thought we might rip the bow roller digs in!
Last night we had 32 kt. winds from the north... no problem. An hour ago we pulled into a very windy, crowded, anchorage with just enough room for us in front of a large powerboat... confident that there wouldn't be any slippage... no problem.
Keep up the good work!
John and Nancy Celick
La Sirena, Offshore 54' PHMY