Review from Dave and Margaret Woodley

A quick update on our 16kg Ultra anchor. We are with 9 other boats are headed to The Broughton Archipelago. Two nights ago we anchored with the others in a small bay inside Port Neville. A small bay with lots of boats meant a short scope 93 ft of chain in low 38 feet for us the last boat in. It turned this was not a protected anchorage, picked by the flotilla leader...the wind blew 15-22 knots with a rock shore not far from our stern...thus a anchor watch was required along with deploying a 12 lb. kellet 30' down the chain. Others were deploying max chain or second anchors. The wind reduced at 0130 hrs and I headed to the v berth. The next morning the Ultra was deep with windless straining for her to release. She came up loaded with mud, sand and shells. At the Seattle Boat Show you said we would Thank you by season's end. Well here is a early installment of our Thank you. Dave and Margaret Woodley Twitter @RShackIsland Member, Genoa Bay Yacht Club