Review from Greg and Terry Coleman

Hello Gene:
I wanted to give you a report on our first experience with the Ultra anchor which took place over the 4th of July weekend in the San Joaquin Delta. Our boat is a Navigator 4800 which weighs approximately 50K lbs. We anchored in 15 ft. of water in an area with a soft mud bottom and moderate grass. The anchor set immediately on the first attempt and we let out all chain with a scope of 7:1. The wind during our 3 days in a moderately crowed anchorage generally remained around 20 kts. On our first day at anchor, even with heavy boat wake activity and tide changes, the Ultra never moved an inch. I also used your chain grabber system which worked perfectly and took all of the strain off of the windlass. At this point, I was pleased and knew I had purchased a superior product. The next part is where things got interesting and the anchor proved its holding power. Another boat joined us for the second and third day. This vessel was a 53 foot Carver and tips the scales at 70K lbs. The skipper was having trouble deploying his anchor and then manuevering back into position to raft up with us. On his second attempt, he thought his delta anchor had set and we lashed our boats together. When he went to put some tension on his chain and take some of the load off of mine, he realized that his anchor had again not set. The wind was now at 25kts and heavy boat wakes were constant. We decided to maintain a sharp anchor watch and see how things held. I am pleased, and honestly amazed, that our single anchor held both vessels solid as a rock for the next 48 hours. I was impressed with the Ultra Anchor after visiting your booth at a boat show in Alameda, Ca. After this experience, I am a true believer. Thank you for helping me select the perfects products for our boat. Sincerely, Captain Greg Coleman USCG Master 100 Ton