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Code Poids Prix Ex. T.V.A Prix incl. T.V.A.
UA05 5 kg 574 € 694,54 €
UA08 8 kg 711 € 860,31 €
UA12 12 kg 978 € 1 183,38 €
UA16 16 kg 1 251 € 1 513,71 €
UA21 21 kg 1 536 € 1 858,56 €
UA27 27 kg 1 904 € 2 303,84 €
UA35 35 kg 2 457 € 2 972,97 €
UA45 45 kg 3 046 € 3 685,66 €
UA60 60 kg 4 361 € 5 276,81 €
UA80 80 kg 5 676 € 6 867,96 €
UA100 100 kg 7 283 € 8 812,43 €
UA130 130 kg 9 401 € 11 375,21 €
UA160 160 kg 11 424 € 13 823,04 €
UA200 200 kg 14 816 € 17 927,36 €


Code Prix Ex. T.V.A Prix incl. T.V.A.
UFS 6-12 214 € 258,94 €
UFS 8-21 258 € 312,18 €
UFS 10-35 306 € 370,26 €
UFS 13-60 422 € 510,62 €
UFS 16-100 620 € 750,2 €
UFS 20-160 1 010 € 1 222,1 €
UFS 26-250 1 890 € 2 286,9 €

More than 12 000 satisfied customers.

Ultramarine´s outstanding design demonstrates, why a correct weight distribution is so important when setting and recovering anchor. In fact, invert any ULTRAnchor and it will instantly recover itself to the attack position. We focused on practical use, and behaviour during anchor´s operation, followed by performance which has been achieved with the innovative patented features, as every UM anchor displays.

Including a curved lead filled tip for instant penetration, a hollow shank for weight distribution optimum and surface concaved base for maximum holding power, and finally large side wing plates to avoid release during changing wind or tide conditions. Furthermore, each anchor is easily recoverable with the flat pivot surface on the underside base.The ULTRAnchor is suitable for all vessel types and locates securely onto the bow roller. Standard anchor sizes range from 5kg to 200kg with larger anchors available upon request.

De nouvelles caractéristiques innovantes et brevetées.


Même sous des charges extrêmes, l’œillet renforcé de la tige ne risque pas de se déformer, de se rompre ou toute autre défaillance.


Ultra Marine Anchor est de construction monobloc et ne comporte aucune ouverture ou indentations susceptibles de retenir la vase, les herbes ou de s’accrocher aux rochers. L’acier inoxydable 316L présente un aspect brillant, ce qui le rend non seulement plus élégant sur le plan esthétique mais également plus facile à nettoyer et à lustrer. Les Ultra Marine Anchors vous garantissent de nombreuses possibilités d’utilisation sans risque de corrosion et sans avoir à les regalvaniser.


La tige creuse dotée d’une ottabilité accrue, place le centre de gravité plus bas sur le corps de l’ancre et ainsi plus près de sa pointe de pénétration. Les ancres Ultra Marine se placent toujours au fond de l’eau dans le bon sens et en position d’attaque.


La base /patte concave a l’aspect d’une pelle et o re une puissance de tenue extrême grâce à sa surface supérieure à celle des ancres classiques.


La pointe en forme de bec incurvé vers le bas et renforcée permet aux ancres Ultra Marine de s’accrocher et de pénétrer dans le sol quel que soit le poids de la chaîne.


Elle se place dans la position la plus favorable au fond de l’eau. Sa position l’empêche d’être traînée et lui permet de se repositionner instantanément lorsque l’ancre bouge.


De par sa conception, la barre anti-enroulement de la chaîne empêche la chaîne de s’enrouler autour de la verge d’ancre et o re la possibilité d’attacher un câble de retour.


Dès que vous commencez à remonter l’ancre, elle pivote sur elle-même de façon à se mettre sur la partie plate et commence à se dégager.


Ses “ailes” latérales permettent à l’ancre de s’enfoncer encore plus profond en cas de traction latérale due aux courants, au vent ou à la marée. Elles servent également à stabiliser l’ancre sur le plan horizontal lorsqu’elle pénètre dans le sol marin.


La pointe de l’ancre est garnie de plomb de façon à obtenir une répartition optimale du poids et assurer la pénétration de l’ancre dans les fonds marins les plus défavorables.

Plus que les 12 000 clients satisfaits

Nick Creed, Gunfleet Marine

I keep on relaying my experience with Gunfleet 58/04 (anchored with an ultra anchor) where in 45-50 knots of wind another 40ft boat dragged its anchor which rode up our chain and became jammed in our stem-head. For the next 2 hours there were TWO boat anchored in big and nasty swinging winds, on just ONE Ultra Anchor - if ever I had any doubts that the Ultra was just a beautiful looking peace of…
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Greg and Terry Coleman

Hello Gene:
I wanted to give you a report on our first experience with the Ultra anchor which took place over the 4th of July weekend in the San Joaquin Delta. Our boat is a Navigator 4800 which weighs approximately 50K lbs. We anchored in 15 ft. of water in an area with a soft mud bottom and moderate grass. The anchor set immediately on the first attempt and we let out all chain with a scope of…
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Tom Sparrow

Hello Gene,
As promised at last week's boat show I have the following re the Ultra anchor: In 2004 I experienced a middle of the night anchor failure in the Sea of Cortez resulting in a grounding of my 54 foot Offshore vessel. I subsequently purchased a larger 72' Offshore in 2008. Keeping in mind my previous troubles I went looking for a better anchor for windy night conditions. I met Randy…
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Hakan ÖGE | it

"Finalmente sono arrivato a Gibilterra. Fino ad ora, il 90% dei posti in cui mi sono fermato mi sono dovuto ancorare. Ovunque ed in ogni fondale l'ancora teneva bene e al primo tentativo. Non ho mai dovuto provare la seconda volta. Ho invertito il motore e sono andato indietro ripetutamente, più ho tirato e più l´ancora rimaneva salda nel fondo, indicando che scavava sempre più in profondità. Ora…
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Sertug Alptekin

I can tell you by all my heart that ULTRAnchor is the only anchor which lets me sleep comfortably.
This is the 3. anchor I bought from you and I placed the order even before I took delivery of my new boat like at the previous ones.
I don’t go out of a marina without ULTRAnchor.
I congratulate you once again for this very advanced engineering product.

Bes regards,


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Wreck Creation

Hi Randy,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the Annapolis sail boat show last week.

We have a 2006 meridian 408 and had purchased your Ultra Anchor from you during the 2014 Annapolis boat show. I am pleased to report after one years use that this was one of the best additions to our boatso far. We have anchored out under not-so-good conditions and this anchor was like a magnet. During the Blue…
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Nusret Ferda Bertan

God bless your hands, efforts and mind: You are making the world’s best anchor. Each time I anchor; I remember Atila Rezak, who helped during the design process of this anchor by trying it at his boat and all other friends contributing, with respect. I am staying like a stone with my new boat Benetau 50 at a location (Bodrum-Bitez) where I previously had big problems with other anchors on other…
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Dear Erkutay,

We have now tried it out in mud, sand and coarse sand and it has worked extremely well every time.

With our last anchor we could not get it to set in sand - our biggest test - even with scopes of 10:1. The Ultra has set firmly and quickly every time with scopes of 3:1.

The anchor also self launches every time whereas we often had to give our last one a kick to get it moving.

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David Bock

This is our 2nd year using the Turkish made Ultra Anchor/Swivel/Grab hook. I was 1st made aware of it where someone recommended the Turkish made Ultra Swivel which is a unique design that rights the anchor as it comes over the roller. We were fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to trial test an Ultra all summer cruising season last year and after anchoring out all season and not…
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Joe Candido


I have a 1975 Pearson 35 (13,000 lbs empty). I’ve had the boat for many years and she’s in fantastic condition. We live and sail on Lake Champlain in Vermont. The lake is about 120 miles long which generates 4 - 6’ swells and 20kts + winds pretty often. We’ve always had problems with our 35lbs CQR anchor holding. Most nights are sleepless if the wind is above 15kts. Really I don’t sleep…
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Hakan ÖGE

"Finally I have arrived in Gibraltar. Up to now, 90% of the places I have stopped I had the anchor in. Everywhere and every seabed the anchor hold tight at first attempt. I never had to try second time. I reversed the engine and forced repeatedly, the more I pulled the more difficult it became to bring back the anchor, indicating it digs itself deeper. Now I rarely dive to check the anchor and it…
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A quick update on our 16kg Ultra anchor. We are with 9 other boats are headed to The Broughton Archipelago. Two nights ago we anchored with the others in a small bay inside Port Neville. A small bay with lots of boats meant a short scope 93 ft of chain in low 38 feet for us the last boat in. It turned this was not a protected anchorage, picked by the flotilla leader...the wind blew 15-22 knots…
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We hit the road to the city Beaufort NC. However, the weather turned to the rain like cataclysm when we were about the reach the Beaufort. The wind was at least 20-30 knot.
We hardly found our way to the crowded anchoring area. In the evening we met with Staublar again and after diner we went back to our boat before it was too late. Fortunately, we came back early because, a dragging boat at…
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Capt. Ed Carter

In 5,000 nM of cruising aboard our 40 foot sailboat from Houston to Grenada over the last 1 1/2 years, I’ve used my 60lb Ultra in all kinds of anchoring situations and bottom surfaces as well as 360 degreeswings. I’ve been through many 40-50kts squalls at anchor. My Ultra has never ever dragged. I sleep very well knowing the Ultra has proven itself. Now I just have to worry about the other…
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Dan Seifers | it

Amiamo la nostra ULTRA Anchor. L´abbiamo da 7 anni, ci siamo ancorati ovunque dall´Australia, Nuova Zelanda, Tahiti, Sitka Alaska e Messico. Essa non ha mai fallito, anche a 50 nodi di vento.

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David Pope

Dear Gene:

Just want to let you know that the ULTRA Anchor (UA35-70) with the ULTRA Flip swivel (UFS10) and the Articulated ULTRA Bow Roller has performed exceptionally well during our cruise down fromMaine to the Bahamas and back to our home port in Virginia this last winter season. We had the system installed by Maine Cat Inc., during the construction of our Maine Cat P47. We had seen the…
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John Celick

The combination of the Ultra-Anchor, your nifty swivel and your chain hook are in danger of making us become over-confident in our anchoring skills.
We've been on the hook every night for the last six weeks in the Gulf of California. We've seen your demonstration that the anchor will reset itself but it has not had to prove that to us. We've been rock solid each and every time that we've gotten…
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Mr. Erkutay,

You did design a fabulous anchor. I can now anchor even by shorter scope at all places where I could not with my old B…. anchor.

Congratulations and keep up with good work.

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Nick Creed | it

Io continuo a ricordare la mia esperienza con una Gunfleet 58/04, ancorata con una ULTRA Anchor in una situazione di 45-50 nodi di vento. L´ancora di un'altra barca di 40ft si era liberata e si era venuta ad incagliare sulla nostra catena.

Per le successive 2 ore le nostre due barche, entrambe ancorate su UNA - ULTRA Anchor in condizione di vento molto forte.

Se mai ho avuto dubbi che l…
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Rick Heinen

Dear Erkutay,

We want to inform you how happy we are with the Ultra anchor. We have been anchored out now for 6 weeks along the Turkish coast in some of the same mud bottom that we dragged in with our old Rocna. In Knidos for example is hard clay/ mud, and we popped out the Rocna as it was fouled with hard mud and wouldn't reset. The Ultra dug right in penetrating deeper and giving us a good…
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We love our shiny Ultra-60 lbs! In fact we just matched it with a SS chain and new gypsy. Instead of the castles created by the old galvanized chain, the new "jewelry" just melts into the chain locker, as myhusband observed, "like when Scrooge McDuck was pouring coins into his vault". A little pricy, double what a new galv chain would be and a lot less than back surgery. And no more…
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Domenico Vendramin | it


al ritorno dalle vacanze non posso che esprimere il mio più alto giudizio positivo sull'ancora. Non ho di fatto avuto situazioni al "limite" ma posso dire che l'ancora ha sempre "ferrato" al primo tentativo. Mi sono sempre sentito sicuro. Bhè, non è del tutto vero. Ricordo una sera in baia Artatore (isola di Lussino) che mi ha costretto a non lasciare la barca per andare all'omonimo…
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Will Woodman

Nice and give the market what it wants, but I adore my Shinny Ultra Anchor, and receive many compliments about it. The mud ofthe Saint Johns river slides right off when recovering it unlike my oldgalvanized plow, and the Ultra Anchor sets the first time every time, and has held fast in some serious thunderstorms in both mud and sand.

I do need a replacement for the shock absorber on the bridle,…
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Referance Ultra Flip Swivel

Dear Sirs
I just wanted to let you know your “Ultra Flip Swivel” really works great.
I have tried it many times now and feel its safe to let my wife stow the anchor. It simplicity, in flipping the anchor over into the correct stowage position prior to being is pulled over the bow roller works every time.
Again thanks for a great product.
I am also looking forward to picking up one of your Ultra…
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Hi Mr. Erkutay,

I had a chance to try our new ULTRAnchor and the swivel, yesterday. We went to a specific place where we could not get the previous anchor held even by trying for several times and the ULTRA held at the first attempt. After that the known storm caught us while we were out of Buyukada island, yesterday. We anchored at another place after the storm to get some rest and the same…
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Dan Seifers

We love our Ultra anchor. We have had it for 7 years and have anchored everywhere from Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Sitka Alaska and Mexico. It has NEVER failed, even in 50 knot winds.
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Rondy Dike | it

Cari signori,

Volevo solo farvi sapere che il vostro "Ultra Flip Swivel" funziona davvero bene.
L´ho provato molte volte e adesso mi sento tanto sicuro di lasciare che mia moglie salpi l´ancora.
La semplicità, con la quale ruota l´ancora nella posizione corretta funziona ogni volta.
Ancora una volta grazie per l´ottimo prodotto.
Non vedo l'ora di acquistare una vostra ancora Ultra presso il…
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Marshall Duffield

Hi Randy,

I wanted to endorse your anchor. I anchored in 12 feet of water at Rippers in Catalina a couple of weekends ago. I was able to see your anchor work first hand. I also saw my neighbors anchors with the flukesand they were all marginally secured to the bottom.
I wanted to let you know how much nicer it is to anchor with your anchor knowing you’re secure and there’s little chance…
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Alexus Sheppard

Hi Randy,
We bought our 60 pound Ultra anchor after the Seattle Boat Show this last spring. We have a 42' Nova Sundeck trawler-style motoryacht and are from Alameda, CA. We are just now heading back south from a trip up the coast from San Francisco Bay, through the San Juans, further up through the Canadian Gulf Islands, on up into Princess Louisa Inlet, then on to Desolation Sound, and just…
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uma-banner-1Nous ne faisons aucun compromis sur la qualité ou la technique et vous devriez en faire autant.

Fabriquées à la main en inox 316 et polies manuellement. Les Ultra Marine Anchors démontrent l’importance d’une bonne répartition du poids et de la technique utilisée, au moment de jeter ou de relever l’ancre. En effet, il suffit de retourner n’importe quelle ancre Ultra Marine et elle revient instantanément en position d’attaque. De telles performances ont pu être réalisées grâce aux caractéristiques innovantes, brevetées décrites ci-dessous. Toutes les ancres sont très faciles à remonter grâce à la surface de pivot plate située sur la face inférieure. Les Ultra Marine Anchors conviennent à tous les types de bateaux et peuvent être placées en toute sécurité sur le davier d’ancre. Notre gamme standard d’ancres va de 5 kg à 360 kg (modèles supérieurs sur demande). Utilisant les meilleurs matériaux existant en Europe et fabriquées par des ingénieurs spécialisés, les Ultra Marine Anchors bénéficient d’une garantie contre tout vice de fabrication dans des conditions d’utilisation normales.

Queue creuse: Permet de concentrer le poids sur la pointe de l'ancre.

Construction tubulaire: L'ancre ne peut pas s'allonger sur sa colonne vertébrale et récupère instantanément à la position d'attaque. L'ancre se chargera également correctement dans le rouleau d'arc.

Lead Filled Tip: Le plomb est inséré dans la pointe de l'ancre, ce qui permet une répartition optimale du poids et garantit que l'ancrage pénètre dans des conditions de fond défavorables.

Pointe remplie de plomb: Surtout, il est positionné au fond. Il empêche le glissement et fournit un jeu instantané lorsque l'ancre se déplace.
Pointe courbée: Fait important, la pointe de l'ancre est formée vers le bas, assurant un réglage continu dans des conditions météorologiques défavorables. D'autre part, ses angles permettent d'ancrer l'ensemble instantané, même si l'ancre n'est pas à la bonne position d'attaque.

Max Power Base de maintien: La base / douve concave a l'apparence d'une pelle et possède un pouvoir de maintien extrême avec une surface de râpe supérieure à celle des ancres de style conventionnelles. Le résultat est plus sûr, plus haute ancre de puissance de maintien qui ne libérera pas.

Oeil renforcé: Même sous la charge la plus extrême, l'œil renforcé de la tige ne se pliera pas, ne se cassera pas et ne tombera pas en panne.

Sous-plat: Une fois que vous commencez à récupérer l'ancre du fond marin, elle pivote sur la section plate et commence à se libérer (le bateau doit être directement au-dessus de l'ancre).

Plaques latérales: The ULTRA Anchor ne libère pas dans un vent ou une marée changeante, il effectue une rotation complète de 180 degrés (tout en restant enterré) sur sa propre longueur et tient bon. D'autre part, il facilite le transport et la géométrie continue des rouleaux d'étrave.

Barre non-chaîne-Foul: Souvent, la chaîne peut encrasser autour de la tige de l'ancre, ce qui empêche l'ancre de se fixer. Les caractéristiques de conception intelligentes de la barre non-chaîne-faute assure la chaîne ne peut tout simplement pas enrouler autour de la tige et offre la possibilité d'attacher une ligne de déclenchement. D'autre part, il facilite le transport et une géométrie d'ancrage continue sur les rouleaux d'étrave.

Détail du poids de l'ancre: Le poids de l'ancre est estampé dans la tige et identifie la taille de l'ancrage à la fois en kg et en Ibs.

Numéro de série: Chaque ULTRAnchor est marqué d'un numéro de série unique, ce qui garantit que votre ancre est toujours identifiable.


out-missionNaviguer en respectant la mer, telle est notre passion.

Nous aimons la mer et voulons découvrir la beauté des paysages qu’elle offre. Nous voulons aussi contribuer à la préservation de l’environnement sous-marin unique et ne pas laisser derrière nous des traces de destruction irréversibles, qui se produisent souvent lors du mouillage et de la récupération de l’ancre. Les ancres Ultra Marine et les émerillons articulés sont la preuve de cette volonté. Grâce à leur conception unique, elles garantissent un mouillage rapide, sûr et tout en douceur du bateau, à l’endroit voulu. De par leur fonctionnalité, nos produits contribuent à la protection des fonds marins ainsi que de la faune et de la flore présentes au point de mouillage. Nous sommes engagés en faveur de la protection des océans et des richesses naturelles de la terre.